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Sun, Hobin
2011 | 76min 37sec | color | DIGIBETA | No Subtitles



In April 2006, some students locked up their professors in Korea university. This incident occured in conflicts regarding the right to vote in the process of consolidation of the college of health science into korea university. The university administration took a tough disciplinary action, 'expulsion' against some of those students who had engaged in the protest.

Those expelled students, considering the process and the result of the expulsion unfair, set up a tent to protest. This tent remained until 2008.

This film is a record of the legal, political and physical fights between Korea university and the dismissed students.


Director's Statement

In 2005, Korea university celebrated its one hundredth anniversary. President Euh declared a vision of new era which widens its educational border internationally. Over time, Korea university had set a record in fund raising, built new facilities, and promoted global exchanges. These achievements had improved the awareness of the school and resulted in higher employment rates among the alumni. Most students hailed these 'improvements'.

On the other hand, behind those well funded fancy marble buildings, the old and shabby campus autonomy space remained just as its precarious existence. Tuition was raised every year and professors were forced to lecture in English even in Korean literature class. The 'improvements' were producing conflicts within Korea univ.

The expelled students were most active in arguing these matters. This film will show you how the 'leading private school,' Korea university treats those who interfere with the 'improvement' and 'developement'.



Sun, Hobin