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The story of namildang in Yongsan

Doo-hee Oh
2010 | 86min | color | HD | English subtitles



Yongsan in Seoul, the tenants oppressed by the redevelopment policy were driven away. To protect their right to life they set up a watch tower on the top of 'namildang' building. The Special Weapon and Tactic Team (SWTT) suppressed them and killed five tenants including one police officer. It was tragic disaster.


Director's Statement

I’m so-called a radical activist. During 30 years I have involved in all kind of social movements like Labor Movement, Farmer Movement, Human Rights Movement, Democratization Movement, Anti-US Military Movement and Reunification Movement. I don't know about squatters due to redevelopment However, I don’t know about the displaced. There are 3D industry in the social movements that squatter’s struggle will be one of them. That is rough and hard. If Yongsan disaster did not occur, I were not there. I lived Namildang in Yongsan I realized that all of us can be a squatters in Korea. I talk about the struggle and terrible situation how to change ordinary women.



Doo-hee Oh
Daechoo-ri, Yongsan and Gangjeong of Jeju Island. She is currently living in Gangjeong, Jeju Island. She encountered the members of Peace Wind while joining the labor movement with laborers of Aisa Swany Company in Jeonbuk Province. The encounter brought her 30 years of friendship with them and this collaborative film.
In 2010, she made a film titled 'The Story of Namildang in Yongsan' that shows the Yongsan Tragedy from the perspective of Yongsan tenants who protested the demolition. In this year, 2015, she directed the film, 'The Recording of Protest Trip of Asia Swany'.