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No Name Stars

Taeil Kim
2010 | 80min | color | HD | English subtitles



This year is 30th anniversary of the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement. Civilian fighters struggled until 27th of May 1980, the last day of the Movement. Local market merchants supported them by providing food despite poor living conditions. Now all of them are in their midlife. Now they live normal life as a citizen of Gwangju but the memory of Gwangju Democratic Movement influenced their life. Before the Movement, they were just young boys and girls of poor family but full of dreams.
Martial law proclaimed, Gwangju was surrounded by soldiers. But Gwangju people formed an autonomy communitywith civilian fighters. This is a very precious memory for all of them because the community was formed by their own will, even in the worst situation. At that time they were totally isolated from outside world, without activists who were leading democracy movement in Korea. Who they are, what they do didn't matter at all.
Their life reveals the desperate situation which made them civilian fighters of the May 18 Democratic Movement.


Director's Statement

Only the things have written make history. So what will happen to unwritten and untold stories? There are so many never-been-highlighted people. I want to capture memory of the movement and current life through ordinary people. I will make more films on this subject. So this is the first step of it.



Taeil Kim
KIM Tae-il. Born in 1963, Kim has been working at Purn prodcution. He has directed several documentaries, including Special Song of Wonjin Factory (1993), People who Crossed the Border (1995), A Mother (1995), April 9 (2000). Annyong, Sayonara (2004) was introduced in Wide Angle section of the 10th Busan International Film Festival and won the Woonpa Award. Starting with No Name Stars - a documentary about Gwangju Democratization Movement on May 18, he and his family travel all over the world and continue to explore people’s lives.
<Making the Spy>(1998)
<Waling for Life>(2004)
<Annyong, Sayonara>(2005)
<No Name Stars>(2010)
<Wellang Trei>(2012)
<All live Olive>(2016)