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Jang Deok-Rae
2011 | 80min | color | DIGIBETA | No Subtitles



After making a decision to move the administrative capital Jochiwon, the natives left their hometowns one by one. But there were still some remaining. The villagers has lived for many years in my home town and there has a small mountain with a large grave site. The tomb of my ancestors. To move the grave of our ancestors, my uncle and villagers held meetings, they often drank alcohol and argue with each other about purchasing the land, but it was so challenging. So the year passed slowly progressing on the work, my mom suggested to enshrine my father's grave separately finally after 23 years. It's what he always wanted. Finally, our family go to Jochiwon early morning to move the grave of my father.


Director's Statement

My hometown is a small countryside, Yongho-li, which is referred as the 'Jochiwon' by the villagers. During the Roh administration time, prior to the administrative capital an intense pros and cons dispute once took place, but after the alteration of the government, they once again held confrontation between an original plan and an amendment. During the process of conflict, the peaceful village has been turned into a battlefield. As a result, the natives were the ones who suffered the consequences giving them no choice but to abandon their town. Eventually the town became a ghost town. Regardless of what the best decision was, they were destined to leave. Also, the land was destined be dug up. Things that are isolated or vanishing under the name of development. Something being kept for a long time, which are taken by others. These were the footages I wanted to shoot in my camera. Also, meeting my father in 23 years along with vague memories I wanted to record.



Jang Deok-Rae