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White Jungle

Song Yoon Hee
2011 | 88min | Color+B&W | HD | No Subtitles



Even now in the year 2011, this government mentions economic development by means of privatization of health care to the maximal point. And we all know that still in this country exists people not having adequate access to health care, nonetheless they have done their duty of appearing in the showy commercials of the powerful forces in Korea. Health care is already fully commercialized to have become the "white jungle". Most doctors and patients have already conformed to the law of jungle. But a new constitution is in need in this white jungle.
The solution resides in the viewing of health care not as a private means of production, but as a public welfare for all.


Director's Statement

I have settled all my sentiment and pity as a doctor into the movie without any second thought. It was not a plentiful time to include a whole system of health care in this country, but wishing for the audience, who could at any time become a patient, to have a comprehensive view of the system in this country, tried to include as much information and critical viewpoints as possible. My wish is to have some people accompany me in realizing the bitter taste of the alienation so widely accepted currently in this society, and then to contemplate its unnaturalness... and hence to another movement and change, maybe even to this world.



Song Yoon Hee