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Areum Parkkang
2015 | 93min 6sec | color | DCP | No Subtitles



Areum wants to date with someone. However, today another blind date failed. Her friends give her advice. You don't love yourself! You should dress up and take care of yourself! Is it the true reason why I am not loved? Because I'm not pretty?


Director's Statement

To AREUM, lookism is a subject to be laughed at, as well as it is also a subject of self-reflexion. She always has critical attitude on lookism, but she never sets herself free from other people’s eyes. This film, is also a procedure to self-realise the internalised lookism, even for the director, Areum Parkkang, who feels such beauty the society expects on women to be uncomfortable and unjust. Who makes an individual? We think the critic against lookism should begin with this question. We hope this performance is a realistic and practical report on lookism.



Areum Parkkang
Areum Parkkang at age 15, creates a movie with a camcorder that was left as memento from her father and plays it at her church. She mostly made short films pondering gender and sex when she was a teenager: there are (1999), which asks a question about gender, and (2000), which confesses her sex as a girl teenager. In her early 20s, she made short films covering poor young men, (2004), (2004), (2006) ; in her late 20s, she started to make short films, (2007), (2007), (2008) which is mostly about the women's body. While taking director JON JOST's classes, she joined his film (2008) as a heroine. She made her documentary film debut, in 2015 with her autobiographical stories. She is planning a documentary of Hyesok Na, a Korean feminist artist and writer.