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Dear Grandma

Sohyun Lee
2015 | 95min | color | DCP | No Subtitles



One summer day, I was searching for a job and I heard the shocking news. My grandmother tried to commit suicide by taking pills. I decided to stay with her, so she can't leave me. My grandma wakes up early in the morning, she waters the flowers, cleans her garden and makes us nice breakfast. She saved the bird from drowning in the toilet and she told me to let it fly with big smile. But why did she try to kill herself? By staying with her, I started to understand her little by little.


Director's Statement

I was raised by my grandma when I was young, so I love her the most. She was all dressed up and said "I'll get married in heaven." My mom speaks to my grandfather's grave to take by grandma to heaven as soon as possible. I think the concept of death is very different between me and the other adults. The Korean title of this film is 'Grandma’s way home'. This story is about the journey of life from home to other home. I want to share the story of our lives by different concepts of death by my grandma, my mom, and myself.



Sohyun Lee
I majored in filmmaking in university and majored in film sound at graduate school. I started filming after hearing a story from my Tibetan friend who I bumped into during my trip. After that, I kept recording and made documentaries of people who I met accidently or by destiny. I don’t think I must become a documentary director, however my life has been filled with several recorded lives. Now, I’m filming very hard.