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Drifting City

Jeong Kim
2015 | 65min | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



Staring from Guangzhou, China and Ansan, South Korea, the camera follows Roberto and his partner Nadeemy to meet an African Hip Hop singer and other Africans in China.
In a process, we come to realize a whole different path of globalization in this part of the world-China and Korea. Unexpected encounters thrive on love, friendship and aspiration. Like an open cut, there are breathless moments of pain but we all continue walking and drifting in the open cities


Director's Statement

Following my previous works (from Koryu : Southern Women, South Korea to Viewfinder), I am interested in the ways minorities experience mobility, migration and media. When I met Roberto, a Mexican young academic who wrote on Africans in China, I invited him to Ansan, South Korea. I wanted to know what this seemingly alternative globalization meant. It took two years to edit this work and in the process I realize that the journey of Roberto and Nadeemy is an allegorical tale we all experience in this world. I want to revive the rhythm in the cinema we feel in the city we are moving in and out as strangers.



Jeong Kim
She has made (2000-2004) (, , ) which was screened at many international film festivals including Yamagata International Documentary film festival. She also has made a feature length fiction film entitled (Kyung)(2010) and a documentary about African traders in Guangzhou, China.
She is currently working on Exile Triology which includes the proposed work as well as , , .
<Koryu : Southern women>(2000)
<I'll Be Seeing Her>(2003)
<Short Film A Runner's High>(2004)
<New Woman : Her First Song>(2005)
<Feature Film Viewfinder>(2010)
<Documentary Kim Alex’s Place : Ansan-Tashkent>, <Documentary Heart of Snow, Heart of Blood>(2014)
<Documentary Drifting City>(2015)
<Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang>(2016)