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A Roar of the Prairie

Minwook Oh
2015 | 86min 17sec | color | HD | Korean Subtitles



A familiar siren of the civil defense drill sirens blasts through the rain-falling neighborhood of Busan’s Beomjeon-dong. Subsequently the rain is replaced by a light breeze which may have come from the train running across the ‘Southern tracks of the East Sea(Donghae Nambu Railroad)’, or from the breathtaking meadows of ‘Camp Hialeah’. The mysterious breeze passes through an ‘abandoned village(Dolchool Village), and then the ‘Red Alleyway(street address 300)’ until it vanishes to a great ‘Raor’.


Director's Statement

There are people who have witnessed everything. They lived by the prairie. Here’s what they saw:
‘Japanese flag got burned down. War ended. The US armed forces who arrived in Busan from the Gamman 8th Port discovered this wide prairie. The prairie that was once occupied by the Japanese. The US armed forces set up a camp on that prairie. War broke out once more. The Star-Spangled Banner was flying on the roof. American flag got burned down. The American forces started to leave. The US military returned the prairie. The prairie has now become a park.’
There were people who witnessed these scenes. They are now gone from the prairie.



Minwook Oh
Capitalism and the Cold War, cities and development. What is included and what is excluded along the edge of these concepts? That is what I am questioning through this documentary. Works on the June Democracy Movement, the Busan American Cultural Service building arson, the rocks that formed during the Cretaceous period, the military camp town in Busan, and the Geochang massacre are the results of my pondering.
<Phase> 2012
14th Jeonju International Film Festival
13th Independent Film Festival Busan

<Ash:RE> 2013
15th Independent Film Festival Busan
14th Seoul International NewMedia Festival

<A Roar of the Prarie> 2015
41th Seoul Independent Film Festival
10th Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival

<A Landscape between Past and Future> 2015
17th Jeonju International Film Festival
13th Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul