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Home Sweet Home 101

2015 | 88min | color | DCP | English subtitles



This is the story of one of the four final bases during the Miryang strike, site 101.
One by one, living necessities such as bottled water and plates had to be brought up the hour long trail, which was located deep in the steep mountain. However, despite the anxiety of never knowing when attacks could happen, there was happiness.
There were contests of who could bring up the most bottles of water, nightly concerts performed by the guitarist and song writer Mr. Grasshopper, daily home cooked lunches prepared by the women, and thankful locals who constantly cooked and brought up delicious soups for the supporters.
With the blink of an eye, the site became a community where people grew closer by fighting together for a common cause.
This is the story of the building of a community, "Home Sweet Home", and the locals and supporters behind it.


Director's Statement

Has the oppressive and violent Administrative execution of June, 2014 ended with a defeat of Miryang? Some say that Miryang lost, but the people of Miryang stress that they "have not lost". Were these merely words of self-consolation?
In Miryang, there were people who fought till the very end. These people recognized the fact that for a long battle as such, maintaining a peaceful, balanced daily life was important. They realized the necessity of spending each day joyfully amid constant tension. How could this be possible? Simple: A bottle of fresh water, a warm bowl of rice, a collection of cheerful songs...
Site 101 was defended with food and songs. Warm welcomings and laughter-filled concerts transformed the desolate, barren site into a homely space. Soon enough, people found their way up the mountain in search for a place of rest, inner peace, and a place away from the busy world below.
I have watched the people who descended from the mountain travel around the country performing anti-nuclear protests. What does one mean by victory and loss?
By fighting against the transmission towers, these people gained widened views pertaining to nuclear stances and gained numerous followers. Most importantly, through the process of “fighting”, they earned true victory due to success in their goal of spreading love and peace.
This is my answer to the frequented question “Why can’t you admit that you lost?” regarding my film. This is my understanding of the people who maintained their daily lives while fighting, as well as my praise to the beautiful protest of Miryang.



‘Independent Documentaty Production Process’(MediAct lesson) 17th completed.
Her short documentary “Eujin, let’s go home” is an entry of ‘Act in Media-in Miryang’.