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The name of the nameless

Park Youngim
2015 | 64min | Color+B&W | DCP | English subtitles



6 people talk about their existence.
Candid answers in depth and penetrating images into minds.
The moments that I feel like falling into the crack in my daily life.
The things that tickle me, the things that I could or couldn’t respond to.
To the questions that are nothing, I want answers that count.


Director's Statement

Wearing mask be cutting out of my flesh, breaking my shoulder and cutting my leg to be some other thing,
I end up being myself, disabled-self. Not human being at all.
Seeing my reflection in the mirror, I loathe myself.
I fear exposure of my true self and people leave me.

I try to look better more and more, fearing that I might be abandoned.
Pulling out my eyes, plucking up my tongue.

But I can’t be something that I want to be, something that other people like.
It’s me who makes me worse.

My endeavor to escape from pitiable self turns me into a hideous monster.
When I was just miserable, I could remain miserable.
But now I’ve become a monster that people turn away from.

I’m miserable. I can do nothing.
like praying for the salvation, I hear other people’s story
Please, hold my hand.
my decomposed hand.



Park Youngim