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The Knitting Club

Sohyun Park
2015 | 105min | color | DCP | English subtitles



Nana works overtime at every night. One day, she suggests something fun instead of working night with her co-workers; a project that they should color the dreary city by knitting. Afterwards, Nana searches for a practical way of changing life. She makes a decision to organize a union in a social enterprise for the first time.


Director's Statement

In the highly competitive world of neo-liberalism there is no time to look after ourselves or others at work or even in our daily lives. It is no different for the women who work in a social enterprise that pursues social values and public innovation. The company is stabilizing and fulfilling social values but can the people who work there realize their personal values? In fact the voices of the women are marginalized and excluded in the decision-making process of the company. In the face of such reality the women choose knitting as a breakthrough for a simple change in their daily lives. However they realize that change is not possible without changes in their workplace. They actively set out to resolve the problem. With hopes that the change in their personal lives will expand to their workplace ‘overtime’ and ‘knitting’ are the symbols of their concerns and alternatives. Our society needs more of such hand gestures and alternative ways of communication. Change that starts from me is important. The members of ‘the Knitting Club’ who turn the trivial hobby of women into solidarity actions expand its significance. In the end it is these solidarities much alike the patterns of knitting that lead to real changes.



Sohyun Park