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Slice Room

Yunhyeok Song
2015 | 69min | color | HDV | HD | No Subtitles



Hearing the News that Jjok-Bang is removed.
Changhyun who have lived in the Jjok-Bang for almost a year, because of insufficient basic supply, escape the officer who oversee illegality and furtively have made bread out of part-time job.
Ilso who were born in the Jjok-Bang and grown up, as recipient of basic living, contract tuberculosis and have high-risk diabetes and high blood pressure at young age, 27 years old.
Just now, Namsun who go into the Jjok-Bang and try to new start, because of ‘Duty of Support System’, is abandoned basic supply and work for collecting waste paper to inhabit the Jjok-Bang. But He can not be fit for monthly rent and cost living.
The poor have gathered in the Jjok-Bang. They are confined in bridle of poor by system. For a year, through record of the Jjok-Bang, we will observe bridle of poor.


Director's Statement

What is reason that the poor live in poverty? The cause of poor is not individual responsibility, but will understand lives of them who doomed to be poor. Densely the poor have lived in the Jjok-Bang. This space is background and begin story about bridle of poor.



Yunhyeok Song
This story of the poor is put into and constructed by camera, or have made a incomplete house of story. For liberation of the poor! Fighting!